Win $3000 prizes
and get Bitcoins with just several clicks
Win-win crypto game where tickets are Bitcoin mining contracts with daily Bitcoin payouts
What you need to do to win
one of the $3000 prizes
01. Sign Up
Complete a simple registration process.
The more purchases you make – the more chances you have to win of $3000 prizes.
02. Buy a $49 ticket
03. Win prizes of $3000
There will be 10 prizes:

five $200 mining contracts,
four $250 mining contracts,
one $1000 mining contract.
Be quick to take part!
The number of contracts is limited
Live stream record
Watch the last ECOS Lucky Game prizes drawing
The prizes drawing started from min 22 in the video
Join a crypto community that earns up to $3000 on crypto lotteries and gets BTC daily
Sign up, buy a ticket and you receive a link to the members secret telegram chat in an email.
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